just reevaluate chef and digit jump

check for following test cases

1: 0998887776665554443322223300885577

2: 99888777766644668877665553334445556977775558875554

for the above test cases rejudge all the accepted solution.


I think the test data is meant to be incomplete until after the contest. From the contest rules:

The score that you will see during the contest will only be partial (obtained on 20% of the test data).

The submissions will be re-judged at the end of the contest to get full score (obtained on the whole test data).

Could you please tell me the output for this string 99888777766644668877665553334445556977775558875554


Thanks for pointing out minor flaw in my algorithm. However by providing actual corner case data, you made the problem easier. These cases are the ones which gives you WA and makes you crazy. So instead of posting corner case data on forum, you should have contacted codechef admin/problem setter/tester.


Why is this post not getting deleted ? It provides 2 test cases which makes the problem easier…


i am getting 6 for both of these cases plus the solution is not getting accepting. can you tell you how it is getting o/p 5.

Please send an email to feedback@codechef.com (in case you haven’t)

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Nice catch :wink: Little hope, that my solution will be accepted when rejudged :smiley:

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@sumanth232 the 20% test data rule is applicable only for the challenge problem.


no , that is applicable only for the challenge problem !! …score… is associated with a partial problem not a regular one.


Can’t you read posts until the end? I know this might sound harsh and this not a personal rant against you, it’s just a general complaint about how people always ask for more test cases, about how people ALWAYS ask why the time limit of accepted solutions is larger than the time limit for the problem, etc, etc… If you read everything which is posted here, and in the FAQ, then half of your doubts would be cleared


well my algo also gives 5 for both the above test cases and it got accepted.So i don’t think any wrong answer will change to accepted on rejudging(if it happens).

i think cc staff should consider assigning @maheiitr as tester


Exactly! Doesn’t matter what your answer for the above cases is. It is not included in current test files. Now for heaven sake delete this post.

then @sumanth312 why are u considering this as those making problem easier

@fool_01, with good test cases, one can always find a flaw with his own algorithm, and good test cases always give you a better insight at the problem

Yeah i know it but bcz of some reason my mail not forwrded to codechef then i prefer it…but thanx


my algo gives 5 for both the above test cases and it got accepted. there is no problem in judgement.

@varunhisaria,after this post problem testcases was updated n bcz of updation around 300 submitted code was rejected


@maheiitr, Answer for second test case is 5, not 6.

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