JUTHB - Editorial

Author: Ritvik
Tester: Ritvik
Editorialist: Ritvik






Find the individual quantity of all three packs from n packs and the total cost of all packs, given the total and combined quantities (x, y, z) and cost of all packs (20, 30, 40).


Given combined quantities of every two packs (x, y, z) and total quantity n. Let say the individual quantity is a, b, c of all three packs respectively. x=(a+b), y=(b+c) and z=(c+a) is given, therefore individual quantities is figured out by a=n-y, b=n-z, and c=n-x. Cost for a is 20, b is 30, and c is 40 (mentioned in the prompt). So multiplying the quantities a, b, c with its respective cost solves the problem.
Hence for each a, b, c, individual quantity and total cost can be determined using the above approach.


Setter's Solution
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;
int main() {
    int t;
    cin >> t; // input number of test cases
    while (t--) { // looping the code in the scope till the last test case
        int x, y, z, n;
        cin >> x >> y >> z >> n;
        cout << n - y << " " << n - z << " " << n - x << " ";
        cout << (n - y) * 20 + (n - z) * 30 + (n - x) * 40 << endl;

    return 0;