JWoC - JGEC Winter Of Code

Hello folks, JWoC is back with yet another new season. A program organized by Developers JGEC (Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College) which helps students to plunge into Open Source contribution and get the realm of Software Development.

Know more about the event here - https://jwoc2k20.tech/

The program is designed in a similar way to GSoC(one of the most prestigious open source programs) to give you a taste of it and to drive away from the fear of participating in it.

The registration period for Mentor as well as Mentee has started, hope to see you all at the event.

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Can second years register both as mentee or mentor?

No. You can either register as mentor or as mentee. Please visit our website for the guidelines and other rules. Thanks.

Okay, got it. Thanks.