K3001 Editorial Operations

Problem : Operations
Problem Link : Operation | CodeChef

Difficulty : Easy

Prerequisites : Basic Maths, constructive algorithm

Problem :
Minimum number of operation to make n equal to x.
There are two operations given below.
1.) subtract positive integer from n.
2.) Multiple n with positive integer.

Explanation :
1.) If n is equal to x answer will be 0.
2.) If n is greater than x than we can simply subract (n-x) from n to make it x. Then answer will be 1 operation.
3.) If x is divisible by n than we can simple multiply n by y such that n*y=x. Then answer will be 1 operation.
4.) If neither of the points are satisfy we can make n equal to 1 by subracting (n-1) from n and that will take 1 operation and than multiply 1 with x to make it x so answer will be 2 in this case.
5.) so answer can be 0,1,2 only.

Solution :

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
#define ll long long
#define pb push_back
using namespace std;

int main()
    ll t;
        ll n,x;
        else if(n>x)
        else if(x%n==0)