Modulus Operator , Linear Search


 We have to find the maximum modulus of a pair of number from an array.


1) Naive Approach: 

      We can compute the modulo function for every possible pair of elements in an array of size N with a complexity of O(N^2).
      Pseudo Code :
          for i in range 0 to n-1:
		    for j in range i+1 to n-1:
			    if max(i,j)%min(i,j)>maxmodulo :
                end if
            end for
          end for
	  Time Complexity : O(N^2)
	  But this approach will fail as N <= 10^6 and it will give a TLE (Time Limit Exceed) Error.

2) Optimized Approach :

      One can easily compute the result by taking modulo operator over the second largest and the largest element of the array.

           Result = Second_Largest_Element % Largest_Element		  
	 Time Complexity : O(N);

Editorialist’s Solution:
Can be found here.

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