Ketek[i] a job referal system for competitive programmers seeking feedback

Hello, ketek[i] ( ), is a startup which has been hosting contests in codechef (as quickmatches and power matches) for quite a few years and have evolved to refer coders to companies. ketek[i] team is looking to know, you as a coder and a future worker in tech industry, so that we can improve how we work and provide a better service.

We shall, be highly grateful… if you help us with your valuable feedback.


Please check our careers page, if you looking for internships, January 2020. Thank you!

hey, can you please tell me the selection criteria for the internship from recent quick match? Upto which rank ketek[i] give intership opportunities


Just taking part is enough! Love for coding is more important, besides we are trying to build something everyone can do it! For ketek[i] it is like that. For resume forwarding also like that.

ok cool! (20 char …)

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The quality of problem statement is really very poor. Many times the statements are so unclear, no constraints sometimes, example test cases are most of time not useful.
Also most of the questions are available on the net.


what happened to your google hiring?


sorry, looking for help thats why. I know my setting skills haven’t been good.

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I hope to run this for 4 weeks!!!