Ketek[i] - crowdcomputing/hiring/tutorial

I have been working with people who can sell things. Have worked with a salesperson from north India, and a marketing type ceo of another firm from here, northeast. And one more sales person from north India ghaziabad, waiting due to pandemic.

We have built a project, for a resort in north east, we were paid an advance. However covid pandemic started and the project is stalled for now.

We did another project, on a doctor.
However, due to changing requirements there was confusion and clash between teams and I couldn’t carry if forward. Also I was super sick, infected in legs.

I have done these projects from the ketek[i] community, and I intend to continue to do so. I shall soon call the people who applied to jobs/internships in ketek[i], to build projects but as demos and our own practice. Cause I found that this also needs practice, else during requirements gathering it gets difficult… customers cant and of course wouldn’t wait, market is ruthless cause of competition.

In keteki right now the focus is on ecommerce sites. Other than that hiring and tutorials. I divide the total amount amongst me, front end, back end and the salesperson, possibly will add graphic designer to it too.

Regarding hiring, I intend to take help of sales people too, I don’t know what will be the state of this due to the pandemic. Evening tutorials starting tomorrow. I don’t want to post my contact details here, cause it would feel like spam. I am just conveying, the work that is being done…brand creation and trust building.

Posting pending editorials soon…(I am dry running my own code, cause I am unable to understand my own code… its been a while sorry).

Modifying previous post, it was irrelevant…I was in extreme pain when I wrote it, sorry. Now I am fine.