Kolkata-Kanpur Expected Selection List and Rank List

Click Here For EXPECTED rank list
Click Here for EXPECTED Selection List

Thanks @worldfinal for sharing data :slight_smile:

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Atlast, thanks .

Instructions mentioned on the official site are:-

  1. Select top 10 from that site

  2. delete them.

  3. start selecting first team from each college in rank list.

So, if any team had second rank in their college but first ranked team is in top 10. Then second team would be counted as first or second.

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What are the chances that a team in waiting list will qualify for the regionals??

I have the same confusion.
But I believe it to be second.
This ranklist was generated considering second.

Depends upon how many team gets disqualified before them and How many teams don’t register for regional

How many teams will be in waiting list

Nothing like that…
It’s like if a team don’t register then next team would be chosen… like that