KS1(Guddu and his mother) : video editorial

Difficulty : Easy
Prerequisites : Basic bit manipulation (Specifically XOR Operations)

KS1 : Guddu and his mother

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pls make video editorial of ENCODING as well…
It would be great help


for that i first have to explain digit dp because the problem can be solved using digit dp.


can u explain the concept of digit dp through video!!

I would be thankful to you…

I will make a video or two on digit dp for sure.


hey @penta_gone please keeping making video for us


of course brother , i love to teach.


I am waiting for this! Hope to see digit dp soon. Awesome explanation:)

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that’s a nice explanation, keep up the good work. please make a video on digit DP and ENCODING …

Thank you man :slight_smile:

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I followed your approach in last video too . Nice one ^ __ ^

Awesome Explanation , it really helped .


I will make videos on digit DP soon.


Thank you brother :slight_smile:

your welcome man , just keep learning.

hey @penta_gone plz make a vedio on digit dp…it would be very helpful for future contests…and explain the aproach to ENCODING problem as well…
thank you …nice work…keep sharing :slight_smile:

I will make a video on that brother , but tomorrow i have to go to pune for hackwithinfy finals , I will be there till 20 Aug , so i can work on videos after that.

Followed the same aproach as mentioned by the author @penta_gone
Getting WA On Two of the tasks only. Can somebody explain why?

I hope you have found the reason , if not just change arr[ ] array and count[ ] array to ll , and all is good;

Reason : in line 65 , this line of code "ans+=(count[prefixor[i]]*(i-1))-sumall[prefixor[i]] " is going for overflow.

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thanks in advance for making video