KS1 Point reduce

Is there any test case added or there is bug in codechef because in this question point is reducing from 100 to 50 don’t know why ?

Thanx in advance

ask in comment section of problem

Check for announcements under that contest. Maybe submissions are rejudged. ^ __ ^

They did some minor changes in the test files and all the submissions were rejudged so well try resubmitting after u get where ur code doesnt work right.
It might also be the case that ur code needs minor scanf changes but well thats all upto you

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I too got the same problem. Mine reduced from 100 to 50 and then 50 to 0. But, I got my points back again in a few hours without resubmitting. Maybe some database crash, bug or re-evaluation with different test cases. Try resubmitting if you didn’t get your points back.

Nope they must be rejudging solutions and hence you got less score temporarily.
It should have been resolved automatically right now.