Laddus not received for Feb 19 Long Challenge



Periodic Bump. :slight_smile:


I think MOSS tests are over for FEB 19 long challenge


why do you think so ?


Seeing some less submissions for some problems


Maybe Long Challenges have become too hard for people since March(especially Div-2) :stuck_out_tongue: Since the admin changed :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know if its something good or bad :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I too didn’t receive laddus for March Challenge yet.

But I really appreciate Codechef efforts to reduce time needed for MOSS. Make contest hard aF, less submissions, less time needed for MOSS. xD


Codechef long challenges used to be tough . I think they reduced the difficulty level of long challenges for a previous few months and now the problem setters have made the questions hard again . This time they would provide laddus very fast … XD XD as I dont think majority of the questions would get more than 300 AC.


I think all of it depends on which problem setters are active and how much difficult questions they have…


There is a problem in current Div-2 which is harder than all(read most) of the Div-1problems. Kudos to Codechef! :slight_smile:
To the div2 guys:- “May the Chef’s Force Be With You”


Hello Friends. Chai Pelo.


Chai bohot garam hai bhai :yum:


did you receive laddus for FEB long till now?


I didn’t got till now.




Codechef laddu nhi dega bhai, gharpe banavaake hi laddu khaane padenge​:joy::joy::joy::grin::joy::joy:


I am waiting for MARCH 19 LONG CHALLENGE’S, Please Codechef credit these ASAP.


we are waiting for Feb long 19


In March Long Challenge you scored a good-rank in Div.-2,but I guess Codechef doesn’t give laduuus to div2??Correct me if I’m wrong


I think top 3 challenges score (Indian Participants) get 150 laddus . I am not sure , correct me too if i am wrong