Laddus not received for Feb 19 Long Challenge

I’ve not received laddus for the Feb 19 Long Challenge yet. It has been more than a month since the contest got over.

I tried mailing them on and It has been almost 2 weeks but no reply from their side.

Can anyone please let me know how much time it takes for them to award laddus?

Also, one more question since I was India Rank 3 and also the third highest challenge scorer, as 300 laddus are awarded in both categories, so will I be receiving them separately i.e. 600 laddus?

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I had to wait for 4 months so don’t even bother to ask them now… It will take 2 months at least… Good luck for your case though…
Also MOSS process takes time so at least wait till it’s completed

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Khareed kar kha le laddu bhai ni milenge . Codechef is like your girlfriend “Nahi Degi” xD.


If it helps in your estimation of the delay, I received laddus for January Challenge on March 11.


Thanks @meooow

Feb19 laddus, expect some delay. MOSS process is yet to be completed for that. As a rule, we generally try to credit laddus for short contests asap because long contest takes a LOT of time (at least 4 weeks) for MOSS process.

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did anyone get the FEB long laddus till now??

Nope. Didn’t got till now.

And I was going to ask about March 19 Laddus , So stupid of me. I think I get my answer

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Thanks for the comment. But I didnt found you in any contest of march 19. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I want to know just for the estimation of how long it will take for APRIL 19 long challenge laddus , By the way am I eligilbe for receiving laddus for challenge problem in APRIL 19 (if you can check it for me) ??

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I don’t think they have completed MOSS yet… Can see few people who copied codes in ranklist…

You look confident that some people are surely going to get removed from ranklist . But MOSS is taking a long length of time.

I’m confident they are will never complete moss process. So lets award laddus :slight_smile:

Hoping their stock gets back again untill I recieve my laddus for April 19 Long

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Me too and someone was asking about april 19 laddus . XD XD

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With the current speed of awarding laddus , I think that the laddus will be New Year (2020) present from codechef .


No they will award them on Chef’s BDay.

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