LAPIN - Wrong Answer


i am getting wrong answer on submission, even though the program runs successfully.

secondly, what about string of length 1 ? YES or NO

Here is the code:


Please replace code segment in your answer with submission link.

Done. Thanks for the guidance. I am new to such online coding platform.

Replaced the code with the submission link, as suggested by you. Here is the link :

String of length 1 should be lapindrome - but it does not matter because all strings in input have length at least 2 as mentioned in constraints.

You are getting WA because you are not following output format. You are printing t out which is not asked in output - and since output is done by checking if your output exactly matches the expected output, such superfluous print statements give you WA.


Oh! I had included that statement when the correct output was not coming. Forgot to remove it once I got the correct output. Thanks a lot.

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