Lead your College!

Dear patrons of programming,

This is a call to help us improve the coding culture across Indian colleges.

We know this isn’t an easy feat, and we need dedicated and determined people like you to take up the role of a Chapter Leader and lead your university to a metaphorical “coding haven”

A Chapter Leader is the backbone of a CodeChef College Chapter and plays one of the most essential roles in helping out programmers across their college. As a Chapter Leader your primary duty will be promoting competitive programming. Along with this, your Chapter will also be responsible for hosting competitions, workshops, meet-ups, and working for the general betterment of coding culture in the college. This is your chance to make a difference and give back to your community. Curious to know how the Chapter Leaders lead the way? Have a look here.

Being a part of a College Chapter comes with a ton of advantages. Not only will you be privy to a coding culture unlike anything you have ever seen before, you will also be able to interact with a bunch of coding fanatics like yourself and take your coding skills to another level. You can learn more about CodeChef College Chapters here.

Additionally, as a Chapter Leader, this will be an excellent opportunity for you to:

  • Make an impact
  • Network with fellow college leaders across the country
  • Build professional skills

CodeChef rewards strong performance, and being a Chapter Leader will open you up to advantages like:

  • appreciation certificates from CodeChef for credible performances,
  • letters of recommendation from CodeChef, for an edge over everyone else,
  • the scope of connecting with industry professionals, expanding your network, and a lot more.

This is your chance to revolutionize the coding culture in Indian colleges, so start your own College Chapter now, and ensure that your college has an enviable coding culture. To know how to register, click here.

In case of queries, feel free to write to us at help@codechef.com.

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