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Any good book for Java?

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1.) ‘Thinking in Java’ by Bruce Eckel
2.) ‘Effective Java’ by Josh Bloch
3.) Introduction to Java Programming by Y.Daniel Liang,
4.) Java the complete reference by Herbert Schildt
5.) Java: How to Program, (Deitel)
6.) Head First Java

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I see you are a school student. Go for Sumita Arora book that is used in ISC/ICSE schools. It is good for Core Java with many exercises and detailed explanation of various concepts.

I won’t recommend any book.
Instead of books, this
site is actually very good. It also has a lot of topics ,but you may be more concerned with J2SE part(core java).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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headfirst for java is better for learners

Hey if you are looking for online sources to learn java then check this out
Best way to lean java online
There you can find online tutorial with books to refer and many of the concepts of java explained in detail with day to day life example.

IMHO, one book is not enough to learn and master Java, you better-read book dedicated to individual topic e.g.
Effective Java - best practices and idiom
Java Concurrency in Practice - multi-threading
Java Generics and Collection - Collections
Definite guide of Java Performance tuning - JVM internals and GC tuning etc. You can see the full list on my blog post 9 Java books every Programmer should read


One site that I’ve found good to use for first time users is “http://www.learnjavaonline.org/” It give you a window to type your code so you don’t have to install any compilers and no worries with messy with terminal.

i have question about collection in javap lz??

Currently, I’m learning java and codechef has been very useful and https://coderforevers.com/learn-java/ has also helped me a lot and I can find many courses at https://coderforevers.com I think this helps

Instead of reading books, You must prefer online coding practice websites, because coding is not something that you should read and finish. You have to practice it on regular basis to make your concepts clear.


I can recommend these books: Core Java for the Really Impatient by C. Horstmann and Java. The Complete Reference
by H.Schildt
Awesome Java basics free online course.

Sorry but sumita arora is the worst book i have ever read. !!sorry!!. I am comp. science student, and sumita arora for c++ is also not good. For learning C I read ‘Let Us C’ by Yaswant Kanetkar.

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Thank you! Yes i found it very useful. Thank you!

So finally i got these following books useful:-
Head First Java
‘Thinking in Java’ by Bruce Eckel

Thank you very much

Thank you! Yes i found it very useful. Thank you!

Yaa it is good