learning cpp

Hey can any one tell me an interactive full contents tutorials for c++


There’s a difference on wanting to learn C++ technical language issues, or wanting to learn it for programming contests… And I say this clearly as it seems to be a very common thing among some competitive programmers… :slight_smile:

If you are looking forward to learn it, to try and make some TLE solutions in Java or Python (for example) to get Accepted, please make sure that you are implementing correct algorithms (A correct algorithm is one that it will eventually run in time, along with being correct)

With that difference pointed out, to learn C++ there are some good references as,

http://www.computersciencelab.com/Deitel.htm or even http://www.stroustrup.com/

Well, you’ll never learn everything, no matter how good you are: so yes there is always more you need to know. My advice is go through the tutorials and when you’re used to programming and feel comfortable about primitive data types, arrays, methods you can try the easy first easy problems here. And avoid asking for answers to the problems, try to look them by yourself, it will help you a LOT. You can search the internet for ways to approach the problem… But avoid trying to go for a direct answer on the easy problems. But most important of all keep practicing and if you need someone to talk to about programming you can count on me(I’m not a pro but for starters I can be really helpful, my main programming language is java but I know how to find my way in cpp)… And I’ll recommend the new boston tutorials: New Boston … That site has really good video tutorials for java, cpp and c…


Hey i had got caveofprogramming.com videos isnt it good?

Start from anywhere u like but make sure that u understand the concepts clearly and practice a lot of questions in codechef,spoj in the order of more number of users sloved.