Learning in Div. 1

After reaching 4*, what do you guys think one should study and prepare to increase their rating?


Like the same exact strategy as Div. 2: throwing yourself into new concepts and practicing


@galencolin , can you plaese tell about some resources where i can practice some advanced concepts(like sweep line algo’s,…)

I can search by tags but i don’t like pacticing questions after knowing what topic they belong to and also most probably the search will give some advanced questions(which is not someone wants to do right after learning the concept).Instead what i expect is some questions collection where on doing i will be able to relate them directly to the concepts that i have learnt(in short words questions that are straight - up to the point)

try practicing on codemonk

@mystic_ankush but there the topics are given seperately right . what i am expecting is like last month’s long challenge(I am able to learn about NTT ,Convex Hull and also i am knowing what topic the question belongs to before hand)

@faraday_vij check the https://www.a2oj.com/Ladders.html. Here the questions are given in proper difficulty order and according to your rating based on codeforces. But I think it should work well with the codechef rating as well.