Lecture for Dynamic Programming

Hey, Everyone, I am new in CP. I want to learn Dynamic Programming. I am zero in Dynamic Programming. and I watched some videos related to Dynamic Programming. But I am unable to get. so Where can I start Dynamic Programming? I am zero so suggest me some good website to learn and practice. Thank you


Bro You solved problems like GDSUB LAPD(of this sept long challenge ) using DP i have read your solutions are you sure you don’t know DP .Nice solutions though
I’m also new to DP you can checkout this article https://www.topcoder.com/community/data-science/data-science-tutorials/dynamic-programming-from-novice-to-advanced/

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Go to YouTube, it has many playlists on DP

Some of the channels having DP videos are

  1. Back to Back SWE
  2. Tushar Roy
  3. CodingBlocks
  4. Gaurav Sen
  5. Rachit Jain

I’ll add more as i discover because I’m also learning DP😂


GDSUB is very basic problem. LAPD is not based on DP.

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Dp is all about thinking and imagining. Also, the more tricks you know, the better it gets.

To improve the above things, first study all classical dp concepts, then go to cf problemset and solve as many dp problems as possible.


from where to learn dp optimizations?

Try youtube…

I found this useful https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/67679

MITOpenCourseware YouTube playlist on DP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ5jsbhAv_M&list=PLcDimPvbmfT8qAxD6JH_kmXiQwTNcoK78

Watch the lectures delivered by the long hair guy, they’re great.

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Hope it Helps !

this is a good one as well…

Forgot to mention the “educational DP contest” on atcoder.jp
Those problems are designed in such a way that one who solves them gets an intuitive understanding about DP. You get TLE for recursive Memoization, it forces you to think about how the recursion DAG will be and which old solution is reused where, and make you write bottom-up to get an AC


yeah, 5 star and learning dp ,nice!

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The learning process continues until the day you die.

-Kirk Douglas



Codeforces has a blog on it. CP algorithms has articles on Divide and Conquer Optimisation and Convex Hull Trick. SPOJ has nice problems for practice, one such that I remember is ADAMOLD, can be solved using Divide and Conquer Optimisation and Knuth Optimisation.

There are things within DP that you may not have known even after being a 5*. Not so wice comment. :confused:


Aaditya verma best on youtube.