Less contest at codechef

Now-a-days codechef already has reduced the number of contest it is taking, and apart from it they make starters unrated for even div2. Like I used to wait an entire week for it and one day before the contest, knowing that it is unrated for div 2 makes me unhappy. Instead of focussing on the stupid AI explanation and other unnecessary stuff like the doubt solver, they should focus more on the quality of problems and the number of contests in the month. I am doing codechef for like 6-7 months but from past one or two months codechef is just getting worse. Please focus more on contests and problems instead of other stupid stuffs which are not required. You can always learn from codeforces like they dont even have a good UI, but they are focussed more on their contests and quality of problems which is the reason of high traffic there.
I hope this issue will be resolved.


yes, the number of contests has reduced also the kind of problems are not good.
Already cook off was skipped for august and now for september we don’t have cook off and lunchtime also.
Codechef should look in for more contests and better problems.

Totally agree with you. As a div1 user, I only got 1 rated contest in the past one month and will have NO in the next month. And Starters only rates for div3&4 is really frustrated.

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Actually I received the notification email for “Starters 54” which said it will be rated for div 2, 3 & 4, but you’ll find out before the contest that it’s unrated for div2!