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Why do div1 users participate so less in rated contests ?
Even if they do most of them participate only in long challenges not in short. How does it increases one’s skills ?
Pardon me if this is not right place to ask such questions.

Is nobody answerable to my query?
Can top contributors reply to my query?
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Div 1 users participate so less in rated contests ?
I do not think so, I have seen many div 1 users participate in almost every contest.
you can see many Div 2 coders not participating regularly.

Even if they do most of them participate only in long challenges not in short. How does it increases one’s skills ?
Long challenges ask questions related to CP. I all the long challenges I participated , I found hard CP questions , much harder than short challenges. Long challenges is a good way to learn CP , I have learned CP by participating in long challenges .

I do participate in short challenges ( in a team or individual ). I have not achieved much but been finalists in a few good competitions.
And I ask all the coders who do not consider Long challenges as a part of CP . Please do participate in long challenges and become a 7 star or among the top 10 in world (because it is too easy for them , you might solve all the 8 questions in 2.5 or 3 hrs).


The person who himself never participated is asking others about less participation. (I hope its not your fake account). Hypocrisy​:joy::joy:


Yes I Openly say that I participated only in long contests just to save my rating in Codechef…


I don’t think so, the number of people in Division 1 are less than Division 2. I guess​:thinking::thinking:

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It has nothing to do with division. There are less no. Of people in div1 and they do participate randomly.
Few reasons for not participating in short are

  1. They want ratings.
    IMO ratings are useless because I don’t believe some company will/should rate you based on your ratings.
    What Matters the most is your experience, speed and knowledge of CP.
  2. They might not be available for short contest because it lasts only for few hours whereas in long challenge you are free to submit and solve whenever you want to.

There are odd 10k people on codechef in Div1. Around 1.2k participate in long. Thats 1/8 of total Div1. This is way more that % of people in Div2 who participate. There are 165k people in Div2 and only 10k participates in long.


I believe that the improvement of strength does not depend on competition. For me, competition is only a tool to test strength.


As mentioned all the above points are true . But the fact is that if you want to really good at CP you should participate and learn as much as you can. Yeah…there are people who love their ratings but it’s all not worth it until you give your 100%.

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Because they move to codeforces :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lot of div2 people solve only one or two as all are beginners and they never reach div1 .
When they reach div 1 they want to stay there :sweat_smile: so I guess they don’t participate much and also there are selected div1 participants .
Every new person is div 2 :slight_smile:

Not true for most of the div-1(decent ones) participants though. Most of them have the confidence and don’t fear going back to div-2.
Take me for example. Lets say, I get converted (to) 2-stars.
Now, due to my knowledge and practice, I am 100% sure, that I’ll come back to Div-1 in a span of 1-2 months :slight_smile:

The only main benefit of Div.-1 is that it gives you a hell lot of self-confidence. You are able to crack hard problems sometimes(most of the times), just because you think you are in Div-1 and you should do better.
Some Psychology stuff is involved , I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


The only main benefit of Div.-1 is that it gives you a hell lot of self-confidence.
Strongly agree with that.


Chilla chilla ke sabko scheme batade :stuck_out_tongue:


A harmful truth is better than a useful lies.:zipper_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue:

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:grin: :grin: kosis kr rha hu batane ki lakin koi samaj nhi pa rha mera dukh… :crazy_face:


Don’t fear ! :crazy_face: Of course everybody does.

I think everybody knows this. Just keep giving long challenges and increase your rating.

Thanks for reply sir. I respect you a lot. You are such an inspiration.

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