Less rating increased

can anybody tell me what was wrong with the previous contest (starters 49) i ended up global rank 431 in div 2 still my rating increment was only +32 from 1707 to 1739 but from previous contests my rating increment was much better even at a less better rank than this contest one of the example is
starters 47 i got global rank 706 and my rating increased was +80 from 1717 to 1797 and there are so many contests like that one, i don’t understand why rating increment wasn’t like usual…

CodeChef has switched to a new Rating System. You can read about it here

feels like now i have to solve all of the questions to become 5 star coder
which is i guess kind of impossible thing for me as well as others , one of my friend got global rank 24 and he only went 1728 to 1809 i dont know how we people gonna achieve milestone of 5 star if this will keep on going…

you can see in this profile after getting global rank 22 he went upto 2157(+136)
would it be fair for all of us who are giving contests nowdays…

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It has been a ruckus since they have changed their Rating System but I believe that once every person’s current rating(which is shown on their profile page) reaches their ELO-MMR Rating(Currently Hidden) , there will be lesser commotion. Still, I consider rewarding the new user account with such large rating boosts as a loophole :slightly_smiling_face: It’s discouraging to the existing users who have been giving the contests on a regular basis.

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