Linkedin internship test cutoff

Please share how many questions you solved which will help us to estimate what will be the cutoff


I solved all questions of compulsory questions.
Don’t know if css mcq answers i did are correct or not.

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Did the 3rd problem, Max Volume appeared before somewhere before?

only able to do 2.5

xor question i think i have solved a similar question before.
max volume is simple knapsack dp

would like to hear how everyone else performed

I solved 2nd and 3rd completely. First question done partial. Talking about Optional section, I think I have done all 3 correctly

how did you solved 1st problem can you share your approach

Am I the only one who solved 1 full and rest partial :frowning:


Grid problem was standard, isn’t it? :thinking:

Simple if else,
if Bi is less than Ai, put 0 in vector.
if Ai-Bi is odd, put 0.
if Ai==Bi, x=0, y=bi
If Bi&x==0
put 0

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Yep, rat maze problem

Check trick1 here,
You can use that formula’s and come up to answer.

if possible can you explain the logic behind it

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same first question is like adhoc if u haven’t solve before no chance u will be able to solve under time constraints

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was this offcampus or on-campus?

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On-campus bro…

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It was off-campus

Can anyone share the constraints of the Volume problem please?
Please share the approach too!

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i dont expect ans from fake ids