Linkedin summer intern

anybody got linkedin summer intern test mail


No… Did you get it?


i got yesterday
they didn’t disclose what is test pattern except cs fundamental lol

Yes, I was also a bit confused. As far as I think, the test pattern will be same as Amazon. Some 10-15 Basic Cs Mcqs+Debugging and maybe 1-2 coding problems. Not sure though

okieeee lets see

hey seniors i m pursuing btech cse currently in 1 semester . I need some suggestion to when to go for intern n how to apply . My current capability you can find on my linkdin please guide me.

iam in 5 sem acc to me i can say that u just enjoy the process what u do because in today time everyone want to be successful at the age of 21 or 22 some will achieve that and some will not so what ever you do just enjoy the life.

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Dont think anything regarding intern till 4th sem atleast. Do Ds Algo, do cp on codechef and cf and you will be good to go in your third year

devote your time , development: cp = 70:30 ratio

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NO, not yet

Will they be rolling out links to everybody or only selected ones based on resume shortlisting.

I don’t think you would have got the mail yet. They have send personal messages in linkedin to fill the google form. Right?

They sent a mail along with personal message on Linkedin

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I got message on Linkedin,but doesn’t received any email till now,

Is the link to apply for the internship still open?

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check on Linkedin page.


Hii, @ashish_kaur i didn’t got the mail…just a linkedln message

Yeah, I saw that now. Did you get the test link or any further info as they mentioned that they will be sharing the test links by the end of the week