List of problems to practice on graph

I m looking for a list of problem to practice on graph from easy ones to tough one… starting from DFS/BFS, shortest path to min,max flow??


@anup1pma I read and understood maxflow from Topcoder Tutorial after I read it in book of Graph theory by narsimha Deo… You will find the tutorial very entertaining and the Links to topcoder problems and UVA problems on maxflow is provided there.

I will provide you the links to problems here also.

  1. Rook Attack
  2. Graduation
  3. Parking
  4. Crimewave
  5. A plug for UNIX
  6. EN
  8. Selfish Cities
  9. Internet Bandwidth
  10. Greedy Islands
  11. Playing Cubes
  12. Data Filter

Note that the problems Selfish cities,EN and Greedy Islands are on Mincost maxflow.

You can also view the link MIT RESEARCH PAPER if you want to study further. A very entertaining paper.
Hopw it would Help. If anyone want to add or correct something they are most welcome :slight_smile:


please refer to this link.
This is geeksforgeeks archives.
Very useful as it contains sufficient questions on graph theory.

Some time before I surfed out this doc. It seems to have all basic things needed. It has listed some important competitive coding algorithms and links to some problems.


Edited: I have taken out links of some graph problems from the doc.

Thanks for asking this question.