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Petr + tourist + meret commentary on ACM ICPC 2014. they ARE best team on world finals this year :wink: they are leading on unofficial ranking

Which team is your favorite? Mine is SPb SU 4.


Dear readers, lets add some joy, write your favorite team to the “answers”. If at the end of contest your team becomes champion I will award 25 pts to champions fan(1st answer). Be first to add your team :wink:

All answers are valid till the end of contest. So act now. Risk everything, Nike :wink:

Lets GO: SPb SU 4

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Comenius University

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Randomly or illusion


Moscow State University

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Go Moscow!!!..

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Go Moscow!!!

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next acm icpc world finals at morocco …


winner is as @garakchy said st petersburg state university

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Thanks for sharing!

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that’s your favorite team or changed it to get 25 points?


they say that SPb SU and MSU managed to solve 7 problems, while MSU is second with penalty. It is not announced yet, officially.