lockpicking chef problem starters 101

@iceknight1093 in lockpicking chef in starters 101 the worst case gets 10 to power 10 still it satisfies in 1 sec how tho can u explain pls

How can u say that it will be 10^10 in worst case.??

See the constraints for n were 10 to power 4
And then for s it was 10 power 5
And for m was 10
So it becomes 10 to power 10

The constraints of T is upto 10^4.
The size of the string is upto 10^5.
which will be upto 10^9.
But in the constraints it is given that.
The sum of N across all the test cases won’t exceed 10^5.
which means it will be upto 10^5,

Ohh got it thanks :+1: