Logging out continuously in Lunchtime

In the lunchtime, I am continuously logging out from codechef and can’t submit the solutions. @admin please look into this asap.


Same for me. That’s kind of a bug in there system I guess!

Are you getting logged out now as well. Can you please check and report ?

Same for me too.
Cant’t submit my solutions

@debrup1201, the issue is fixed. Please check now.

the contest should be unrated as we were not able to submit so;utions


Same here, totally annoying. This contest was a failure, imho.

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yes correct what the hell is going on , l got almost 30+ times logout ,

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infact I lost all of the code that I wrote due to logging out and I have to
write all of the code again which deteriorated my rank badly

I didn’t face any issues :thinking:
Not even once
But I am sure it won’t be unrated.
PS: my ratings are decreasing if its rated :stuck_out_tongue:

And I will be 4 star again, IF IT IS RATED.

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I didnot face any issues in the last 1 hour.

Yes,same here with me faced such issue many times.

My submit button is getting lost again and again …:joy::joy:

And IP from the last login was also mentioned.
I hope our passwords are not being compromised.
Don’t think there’s any chance of contest to go unrated.
PS: Will be 4 star again!

Then it must be unrated :crazy_face::joy::joy::joy:

I think that August Lunchtime is rated.

Yeah…but I hope it will be unrated :crazy_face:
Don’t worry it won’t

And I hope it will be rated. I will get my first laddus.

Laddus for what are u in top 5