Long Challenge Doubt

Initially I had made a submission for SIMGAM, which has subsequently been removed from the contest problem list. After few days , today however when I logged back in to see the problems I have a submission for beautiful numbers : I had mistakenly submitted my SIMGAM code there and got a WA verdict.

My doubt for this long challenge is will it be rated for me because of that one WA submission on problem beautiful numbers.

I might head out for a few days to complete project work and may not be able to code :frowning:

Yes, it will be rated for you. Sad to here that, by the way. Happened with me too once in Long Challenge.

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Thanks for the info :frowning:
Even though I have solved 0 and my name isn’t on the ranklist?
This is pretty bad for me :’(

Just try your best to solve as much as you can, even partially solved is acceptable, it’ll help reduce the damage it causes to the rating after the challenge is over, just take this mistake as a source of motivation to solve problems :slight_smile:

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@aryan12 BUT I submittted only for SIMGAM and that is removed and also I do not submitted any other question then will it be rated for me or not please reply??

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I have not encountered such a situation in Codechef so far is my ratings are concerned. So, I am not the right person to ask these queries. But, according to me(maybe they are the opposite way), YOUR RATINGS SHOULDN’T BE AFFECTED.

In your case it means you’ve not at all participated in the long challenge, you might be able to see you have no submissions of long challenge questions in your recent submissions, it won’t affect your rating…

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