Long Challenge?

Any Ideas or roadmap for solving long challenge questions. I am not really able to solve more than 2 questions.

thank you,

Hwang Park Song,

Discussing about questions in on-going contests from any platform is strictly restricted. Please refrain from asking such queries in the future. All solutions will be available after the contest ends. Good luck in the Long Challenge :slight_smile:

Well, my intention was not to find the solutions of Long challenge questions rather for preparation for future contests.

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Well, only practice makes a man perfect. Practice harder.

Try to think in different way.First solve by naive approach by doing this you will get subtask 1 point.Now try to think optimize your solution .If you able to do that then you will get AC:grinning:.
Which is our ultimate goal.

long questions are often to learn any new concept so first understand question and google links related to that question(formula, theoram etc.) they gives u sufficient time to do these learning steps. Basically u should spent more and more time on long questions and in this way u can easily solve 4-5 questions in entire contest.I did 6 question in my very first long and i almost maintain my consistency by above steps
keep googling and learning.
Happy coding:)

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Discussion of problems from contest is not allowed dear, sorry. :frowning:

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