Long Challenge

After several attempts to the questions in Long Challenge with having no progress, should I consider to practice different questions and upscale or try harder?

Any suggestions are welcome!!.

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Since you have already done PRICECON. XYSTR , CHFICRM , EOEO , EVENM, COVDSMPL and GUESSG
and have been trying TTUPLE for some time, what advice can i give you (I am stuck on EVENM :cry: :cry:)


why’d you delete that?

Yeah, really trying hard Ttuple to get solved… That’s why I am asking should I continue or wait for editorials… Because, now it seems I am completely wasting my time!

the others also said that TTUPLE is tough, but don’t give up hope

Giving around 100 submissions on the question TTUPLE. I got 90 points still m not able to get 10 more points!!

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you should try more as many my friends have solved TTUPLE and not others so i think you can do it .

I literally wrote 1600 lines of code for TTUPLE. :sweat_smile:


Wtf really???

I got 90 in 400 lines. But unable to find the 10 point case


Yaa I too got 90 Points …in 350Lines of Code …But why the hell it’s showing subtask 1 wrong don’t know??

Kep trying :upside_down_face:


We can’t discuss these things here. Wait for editorial.

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Try harder! :v: I was able to do it with 250 lines of code (with some heavy commenting), I’m sure you can do it if you try harder.