Long Challenges keep being unrated

yes i agree on this.

yes. I agree its not the best solution. I hope they are taking this time when div 1 and 2 are unrated to plagiarize bad participants.

This is the only way it would work. And this is beyond stupid. They have provided no reason to not run MOSS. even if there is a lag of months. They can still run MOSS month by Month and declare the moss results.

I guess this is because of 2 reasons.

  1. First Doing moss by month and not in collective months can result in irregular ratings depending on how ELO Rating works

  2. Finally CP is famous and they are trying to keep users on the platform. May Be sell courses

Now Before you judge me ask this. CCDSAP Has been around for how long and knowing its hard how many people went for the certification. Certification is hard to sell. Courses May not be


I hope so. But Bad things are always around the corner when you think you are winning. Also @admin is quite silent on this matter. I am pretty sure People have mailed to help@codechef for so long. I myself have done this for 3 months now. Atleast necessary action should have been taken against them.

There MOSS Team incompetency is starting to suk at this point now