Long Challenges keep being unrated

I am in Div 1 and the long challenges have been unrated for past 3 months. Apologies if this has been discussed already (couldn’t find it), but want to understand what’s the reason/motivation for this. Could someone please share why this has been happening?

I have really been enjoying the long challenges and it’s a pity if it will never be rated again. Some might say that rating aren’t the most important thing, but the quality of the problems have significantly worsened lately too for Div 1 (in my opinion).


They unrated the contest bcz of cheating , there is too much cheating in long nowadays.


But it’s still rated for Div 3. Are we saying Div 3 has less cheaters than Div 1? I find it hard to believe.

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Even if they cheat in div3 at best they would make it to blue hence it eradicates the possibility of them making it to yellow or orange


What about those who cheated before and are now yellow or orange?

In order to protect value of 5* and 6* on codechef , they have taken this decision. A div 3 guy after cheating is not going to be 5* or so . Those who have become 5* or so by cheating in previous round won’t be able to take part further , the only option would be to take part in short contest where they will definitely suck.

Well we won’t see them again on the leaderboard hopefully


Well, maybe I am alone in this, but I’d prefer to keep long challenges rated with some folks cheating rather than simply stop long challenges so that there isn’t cheating at all. Just solution seems worse than the problem - if we want to eradicate all cheating on Codechef, one way would be to stop all contests on this platform, but hopefully that’s not what anyone wants.


Consider upsolving problems from short contests, I think the quality of hard problems from short contests is one of best out there.


You’re saying this because you’re a high rated guy and cheating won’t affect you,but try to view it from the perspective of someone who persistently tries for 10 days and then finds himself dying on the leaderboard, I hope you understand how frustrating could it be.


I absolutely get that it’s frustrating, I just don’t agree with the solution. If it’s too frustrating for someone, they can only write short contests if they like (presumably less cheating). I personally really enjoy spending 10 days on very hard problems, learning and exploring a lot in the process. It’s very frustrating for me that this fun is being taken out.

IMO they don’t have enough problems for Div1 long

I thought so too, but not even once in few months?

I think the reason long challenges are unrated is because they don’t want average problem set to decide ratings for div1.

How would it be if one rule is made like the the long challenge will be rated for only those users whose number of participations in short rated contests (from begin)is greater than or equal to number of participated longs? (else they can participate but it will be unrated for those!)

I know that some folks here think everyone has to do short contests to “prove” their worth, but I strongly disagree with that - I personally find long contests much fairer as it gives a lot of time to think deeply about very complex problems and to really show what you can do, instead of a short time where there are lots of variables (speed of writing code, needing more time to find solutions etc). I also find that usually problems are designed to be simpler (and often way less interesting) as they’re meant to be solved in couple hours as opposed to 10 days.

That’s what CP means by default. Best solution imo would be to have a separate long challenge rating which won’t contribute to one’s CP rating calculation, but it seems to be a hard feature to implement


Even if they make long challenges unrated, they should introduce more short contests. Only 2 rated contests per month is too less.


Yeah I know, and that’s what used to differentiate Codechef from all others - having the long challenges. For short contests, in all honesty Codeforces seem to have better platform and more frequent contests too. I also realize I’m in a minority here, just trying to understand the rationale and state my points too just in case. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts!


I have always asked for this. Half of the problem of cheating in long will be resolved