Long judging queue


Many solutions have got stuck in the judging queue for a while. Could somebody look into this?


Suggestion which I will give until things are sorted out is open https://www.codechef.com/submissions And see the queue if it is long. Don’t solve question now. You will end up wasting time. Instead wait for queue to become sort and then try.

Shouldnt have ideally happened. Will get this to @admin’s notice. Usually it happens that at times, someone does “burst submissions” or too many submissions to a problem within a very short time (it can be a group of people as well, or just too many people at the same time). Will see whatever can be done.

EDIT: Sorry, say it late. Is the queue still long?

kindly look into this issue. It has been running for a long time more than half an hour, then followed by showing the status as compilation error even though the solution is correct.

Kindly look into this issue asap and please extend the time of may challenge due to this issue.

I took 15 minutes for me to open this question. 10 minutes to open homepage and another 5 minutes to open this question.

@admin please make sure CodeChef servers can handle high load.

Currently queue is not long. When I wrote -
I took 15 minutes for me to open this question.
It became neatly impossible for me to open discussion forum. I was seeing 504 error and all sort of errors.
With a coincidence I’m also seeing Codeforces is temporarily unavailable. Except these two sites I am able to open all sites with no problem.

It happens a lot. Discuss was slow, I agree to that. I and @meooow reported that to @admin yesterday. I strongly feel it was due to either judge getting overloaded. If it occurs again, please mail me. Due to exams I dont check discuss as often, but I do check my mails. So yes, please :slight_smile:

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