Longest Common Subpath ( Leetcode , Binary Search + Rolling Hash ) [Solved]

Question : https://leetcode.com/contest/weekly-contest-248/problems/longest-common-subpath/

I m trying above question , by using double hash and binary search , and getting Runtime error , I m not able to find any error please help
, Here is my code - >Solution

Error :

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Anyone ?

Didn’t you try dry running the code ? I think they’ve given the input for which it fails.

Just Leetcode Stuff ( Correct Answer on Running , Runtime Error on Submission :sweat_smile: )
I was trying to resolve but looks like I will have to do some hardship ( not sure that after even that I would be able to get it )

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yes, half of my submissions on leetcode are runtime errors on the first attempt because they have some stupid cases where the string is empty, root is null blah, blah…

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This one is giving Runtime error for the same Test case for which it is running correctly on leetcode , There is a big issue of Global arrays on Leetcode , I think
P.S. : It is the only site I think which suggests to use Python to Beginner for DSA based Problems

I’d rather choose to quit CP instead of doing it in python lol


Be Happy . ACfied Code
The array you were using in Struct Hash were probably causing MLE , So I changed it to vector , Changes are made in just Struct Hash , Have a look on it

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It’s not failing at that TC , it just give me this error , also thanks @dhruv788 , ae tam to heavy coder ho bhai , I think same type of error i got in some other contest too , will remember that thing .

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are bhai bhai bhai :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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