Longest Palindromic Subsequence using Longest Common Subsequence || Dynamic Programming for Beginners || Course Video Series and Problem Practice

This is going to be a complete video lecture series on Dynamic Programming covering concepts in detail with implementation, practice problems, and notes ( for Revision ) to make our concepts clear and gain confidence.

There are going to be 3 parts of the whole series.

Part 1: This will consist of lectures on Dynamic Programming and basic Problems related to it so that we can understand the terminologies and concepts clearly.
Part 2: This will consist of discussion on Standard Problems and techniques to solve them.
Part 3: This will consist of Practice Problem Series where we will be using our previous skills to solve problems.

After completing Part 2, we will have a contest on host a contest on HackerEarth so that you can see for yourself that how good you have understood concepts and techniques up to Part 2.

And Problem Discussion on SLACK.

L00. Course Overview
L01. Getting Started: Introduction to Dynamic Programming?
L02. Fundamental Concepts in Dynamic Programming.
L03. Maximum Subarray Sum / Maximum Sum Subarray.
L04. Number of paths in Grid.
L05. The mathematical solution to the number of paths in Grid.
E001: Frog 1 (AtCoder Problem and Practice Problems )
L06. Longest Common Subsequence.
E002. Longest Common Subsequence ( Leetcode Problem)
L07. Knapsack Problem ( AtCoder )
L08. Longest Palindromic Sequence using LCS

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Thank you for your valuable time.
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Course Overview uploaded.

Lecture 1 will be added tomorrow morning.

I hope you will teach better than others out there.

@amey_492 , yes I will try to be better then others. Thank you for joining.

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Lecture 01 - Getting started with dynamic programming added.

Lecture 02 will be updated by 11:00 PM today.

Lecture 02 uploaded.
by evening L03 will be uploaded from which we will start problem solving.

L03 uploaded and some basic problems related to this lecture are added in the description box.
It will be helpful to beginners who are learning DP or want to study DP.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1eXcvMsa9I

L04 uploaded.

Added the second solution for grid problem and how we have got this,

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Uploaded practice problem for beginners to practice and lecture solving related problem.

Uploaded example 1
E001: Frog 1 (AtCoder Problem and Practice Problems )

L06 - Longest common subsequence added.

Longest common subsequence example problem uploaded.

0-1 Knapsack Problem video uploaded.

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You are doing a great job, What I feel already many tutorials are available about the topics you are covering. It would be more beneficial for you bro if you cover this problem set.. As on youtube, there is no tutorial for these problems except One video from @tmwilliamlin. These are pretty basic problems for beginners and each problem will teach a new concept. :slightly_smiling_face:

@hello_hell thank you for your suggestion. I will look into it.

L08. Longest Palindromic Sequence using LCS uploaded.