Looking for competitive friend

@l_returns Well said… I need a competitive friend so that we can compete really. We track each other competitive progress using StopStalk or similar platform. It’s keep us motivated by seeing each other competitive progress. If you interested, please comment here… Thanks for reading.

UPD: Join here in WhatsApp Group
I’ll be there within 3 days. My StopsTalk Profile (Comment yours…)

UPD: Friends :heart_eyes: , We should start from tomorrow. But I’ve problem to access on my WhatsApp Web… Therefor, I’ve created a Facebook Group to share our learning schedule+resources, You can join there and share your opinion + learning resources.

FB Group : Competitive Learner (CP)


i am ready

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Hello my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s platform should be best for track each other progress??
I think stopstalk is the best…??

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Thanks :slight_smile: \hspace{0mm}


Good to see you… But You are too long away from us :slightly_frowning_face: How could we compete :slightly_frowning_face: It’s would be great for similar rating. Anyway, I know, I’'ll loss every time but I can try… :expressionless:
Do you have stopstalk account or suggest another better platform??

No, you thanks :wink: Thanks for suggesting a better approach :slight_smile:

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its not just competition we can learn new topic, theory together

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Hello @smile_forever

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Do you have a stopstalk account, If so please share your username or add me (SmileForever)

Hi @vivek_reddy , Great to see you.
Do you have a stopstalk account, If so please share your username or add me (SmileForever)


ready to compete
what is your account

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@anon87029294 Sure, that’s why we should track each other progress.

It would be really great for people with average knowledge like us to make a small group of 4-5 people where they can talk about their approach and can pace up their learning. I am ready for it, consider me in! @smile_forever

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@anon87029294 Username don’t have space, so please share your profile link on stopstalk. Here is mine.

Are bro :laughing: I am a noob too and it’s about giving yourself targets to achieve. I usually stalk some red and orange coders in challenges , if they solve some question I try it too. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but it is a fun process…as long as you take it as “just” a sport. like I check out @l_returns @wmoise @aryanc403 and some more coders of all range, and also @just1star :laughing: :slightly_smiling_face:


Edit in that photo.
Added one more name :grin:


Vivek Reddy is the username

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@abhi311098 Here is my StopsTalk profile, What’s your??