Looking for practice partner

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Great Idea !!

here there are moderators threating account ban in case one asks for hints/tests during
contest. still in each long many asks for tests and hints.
if it is tough to control cheaters from asking in discusss…
how on earth it can be controlled in a whatsapp group??
( you will not even remove those who do wrong . because without 256 others you may not feel motivated to solve probelms naa…) :rofl: :rofl:
Arey bhai discuss is a good place to discusss.
there are many people who can help you.
whatsapp groups starts with some motto and endsup in a wrong path .


Yeah, I totally agree with you but if you even find that one person who is equally dedicated, then I think it is totally worth it
And Those 256 others don’t go too far with such practices

yeah 1 good coding parter is enough brother.
but its very hard to find such people.
and posting an advertisement for that will not help i guess.

And that’s how cheating begins…

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