Looking for practice partner

Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing great these days. Actually I am facing problem of lack of motivation to practice. Whenever i stuck on a problem, there is noone with whom i can discuss the same. If anyone feels the same, then please let me know. We can create group and discuss problems. In this manner, we will get both the feeling of motivation and competition as well which ultimately results in growth of all of us as individual participants.

Programmers with 1700+ rating on codechef are preferred.


I would be happy if we could do such collaboration.

So, How would you like to communicate ?

I would like if we could collaborate . And any platform of your wish for communication

Whatsapp is fine ?
or any other suggestion from you

I am interested…

I am fine with anything .
We can also use my blog knightsprogramminblog.blogspot.com where we can post the detailed solution for other people and we can discuss in the comments section.

Actually, I was thinking of making a whatsapp group because we check whatsapp on regular basis but for other platforms, i am not sure

i am not 1700 coder but i am also facing the problem of someone to ask question to and i would love to be part of the group as i want to be one of the 5 star and 6 star coder on codechef.

I am in. I face same issues.

I am also facing the same struggle. discussion on any problem or on any topic really boost up our skills.

Are u all okay with whatsapp ?
If Yes, then i will share the link here


Interested. Preparing for placements, so damn active!


I would like to join in too! Very often i get stuck on a problem and it takes a whole day just to solve one. Discussing with other people would help me a lot. Would you be sharing the link here?


where is the link

Whatsapp would be fine for me.

kindly share the link dude