Lost streak

Describe your bug

i lost my streak


Additional info

Obviously you didn’t run / submit any code yesterday, so you broke streak.

What’s the issue?

is their anyway that i can have it back

I don’t think so.

It would be better that you should start from scratch again

Thanks for reply.
I want to know that as a beginner where should i start from.
Means what should i do to enhance my coding skill and maintain a good profile.

Hi there, the key to become good at programming is to practice constantly, and practice questions just a level above than you.

When you start your journey, at first, you might not find it interesting or maybe too tired due to hectic school / college schedule, but gradually, if you are determined, you will certainly find a way through.

Eventually, you will become a good competitive programmer, and this will improve your analytical thinking a lot and also, you will come up with a good enough profile too.

Thanks again for reply,
Last i want to know which level should i start.

It happens…either you forgot or you may not have time to do…No worries!! Let’s get start from scratch