LOVE BABBAR 450 questions series

I have decided to solve all 450 questions that Love Babbar had shared on his YouTube channel.

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Part 1:

part 2 is now uploaded:

part 3 is uploaded now, sorry for being late today.

Part 4 is uploaded. Please let me know if you are able to understand.

Part 5 is uploaded:

Part 6 is uploaded now:

Part 7 is uploaded:

Part 8 is uploaded:

Part 9 is uploaded. Matrix problems begins today!.

Part 10 is uploaded now. Check it out!.

Part 11 is uploaded. Matrix is completed.
Next will be strings!.

Part 12 is uploaded. Strings has started.

Part 13 is uploaded. Sorry for being late today.
I was busy with college stuff.

Part 14 is uploaded now.

Part 15 is uploaded now.

Part 16 is uploaded.
There was a net error could not correct code in the video.
The corrected code is here:

Watch the video completely guys.

Part 17 is uploaded.
If you want me to show the coding part let me know i shall make a separate video.
I want you guys to try it first.

Part 18 is uploaded:

Part 19 is uploaded:

Part 20 is uploaded guys.
All the solutions can be found in the video description.
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Part 21 is uploaded guys.

Part 22 is uploaded.
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Part 23 is uploaded guys.
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Part 24 is uploaded.
Strings is almost done.

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Part 25 is uploaded guys.
We have completed strings.
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Part 26 is uploaded
sorting and searching has started.
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Part 27 is uploaded.
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Part 28 is uploaded.
Last problem has 6 different approaches.
I suggest you to go and find out atleast 2 to 3 more.
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Part 29 is uploaded.
First question is asked in interviews frequently.
That’s what everyone says.
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Part 30 is uploaded.
Try the homework problem by referring to the easier version of the same concept(2sum,3sum)
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Part 31 is uploaded.
For the last problem i shall tell the O(1) space approach in the next video.
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Part 32 is uploaded.
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Part 33 is uploaded.
You should know how to implement certain functions without stl.
IN Interviews(technical) it will help you a lot.
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Part 34 is uploaded.
Check if the solutions are correct for all test cases.
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Part 35 is uploaded.
Help needed please watch video till the end.
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Part 36 is uploaded.
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Please learn job scheduling problem for tomorrow.

Part 37 is uploaded.
Interview favourite must watch.
Sorry for only one question.
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Part 38 is uploaded.
Think slowly and calmly for this problem. Try different approaches.
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Great move bro… Keep on doing

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what is the name of your youtube channel ???

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Love blabber bro


Sorry love babber

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Thank you brother. Please subscribe to much channel and share it with your friends.
It will really motivate me.

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Aditya Rajiv is my channel name.
part 4 is uploaded . check it out:

part 2 I have uploaded. share it with all your friends.

Share the link of 450 questions , also one thing don’t expect that if u solve this 450 questions u will surely placed in amazon or whatever , practice is the key , I think in the list there are many standard problems on every topic , but it doesn’t mean after solving 30 problems of DP u will be able to solve DP problems of CC /CF / Atcoder .


Yes I am very much aware of what you want to tell me.
Link of the questions is the description of first video.
Please share this with your friends it might help them.


One more , u just solved the question by thinking only passing the test case , don’t do this, as in one question of finding union of two sorted arrays u just did by taking set , no man this is not the approach they want in interview , try with some better approach.


Ohh yes i actually realised this after making the video.
i shall talk about the two pointer approach in the next video.
Thank you.
Please subscribe to the channel and give me more guidance!.


Are you liking the videos?. Any suggestions?

Any suggestions for improvements?

they are great bro keep going

thank you!

Part 7 is uploaded.
Tomorrow we shall finish arrays.

Arrays are completed.
check out the last video and let me know better solutions of the problems if they exist.
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Arrays part is completed.
Today we start with Matrix problems.
Check out this video.
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Matrix problems are in this video.
Stay tuned for next video.