LOVE BABBAR 450 questions series

Part 34 is uploaded.
Check if the solutions are correct for all test cases.
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Part 35 is uploaded.
Help needed please watch video till the end.
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Part 36 is uploaded.
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Please learn job scheduling problem for tomorrow.

Today’s video might be uploaded at night. Please be patient.

Part 37 is uploaded.
Interview favourite must watch.
Sorry for only one question.
I hope you corrected my mistakes. Please watch complete video.
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Hope everyone understood the method to solve such kind of problems.
Keep practicing such types.
Stay tuned for next one.

Part 38 is uploaded.
Think slowly and calmly for this problem. Try different approaches.
Please watch the video for longer guys.
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Part 39 is uploaded.
Please solve the problems with concentration as it will help you solve any kind of such problems later on.
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I hope you have become confident after solving those problems.
Try similar problems on Codeforces 1500 level.

Part 40 is uploaded.
Did we do a similar problem??. Refresh yourself
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We are almost done with searching and sorting.
How are you liking the series so far?.
Please suggest me some improvements.
Let me know all your thoughts.

Part 41 is uploaded.
Please think if we need to think in a complicated way or not for this problem.
Try other approaches as well.
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Part 42 is uploaded.
Let me know if I have missed any question.
Next is link list.
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Linked list has started!!.
Part 43 is uploaded.
Please watch the full video and correct my diagram explanation.
Dont forget to try out the homework problem!.
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Part 44 is uploaded.
Small revision was done. Please solve the questions parallelly.
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Part 45 is uploaded.
Easy level problems.
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Part 46 is uploaded.
Make your concepts crystal clear.
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Part 47 is uploaded.
Solving problems efficiently is the key to success in interviews
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Part 48 is uploaded.
Practice these king of problems with concentration.
I have given you a direction. Go forward with it.
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Part 49 is uploaded.
Space optimization is the key in technical interviews.
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