LOVE BABBAR 450 questions series

Part 81 is uploaded.
Got a pretty good solution for this. Do check it!
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Why you are posting updates for every video ?
If somebody is interested then he/she would check them on your channel .
Don’t use codechef to just promote your YT channel .


Hey sorry its bothering you, but actually people do ask me doubts here also.
I started from this post.
You can kindly ignore it.

Part 82 is uploaded.
Morris Inorder traversal
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Part 83 is uploaded.
Tricky problem to think on the spot.
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Bro please stop spamming here for every upload. Don’t do anything for views and money!! Instead focus on your CP/DSA skills. Don’t make this an advertising platform. If your content is that good, youtube will automatically recommend. You are just unnecessarily spamming here on this blog and many good questions remain unanswered due to such spam posts. You are uploading Babbar’s 450 question which 5-6 people are also uploading so that is also not some sorta unique content that it needs special attention. Morever Babbar as I saw just compiled general questions in every topic.
Instead my advice would be that you should work hard on your skills and become 4 or 5 star coder on CC (Not by just long contests) as 3 star is equivalent to Newbie-Pupil on Codeforces!
If you have considerable skills people will automatically follow you!
Just think Just think!! in DP there are 100 questions in Babbar’s list and if some normal person do 100 questions then he will automatically have a good grip on DP. Nothing new in this! So stop misleading others for views and money especially on a Competitive Programming platform! If you really want to help or contribute prepare editorials prepare problems.
I really wouldn’t be frustrated if it was your 10th-20th post but just see you are unnecessarily spamming with 100+ posts.

@admin please ban this guy!
@community please respond what you think on this guy’s behavior!