LOVE BABBAR and ANUJ BHAIYA Exposed By Codeforces!


I am still following these youtubers, but the way they have tried to manipulated the audience put in great shock.

I got this blog at codeforces and and there is huger anger for such a selfish behavior just to manipulate the audience by stating that Amazon forced them to choose between Youtube and Job.

Link to the Blog:

<<Anuj and Bubbar In Trouble this time!!!>>

Very disappointed by this…


I’m not even shocked. I don’t even understand why people follow him and his CP roadmaps? Does he even look that he’s experienced in CP? What is his codeforces handle?

Instead it’s much better to follow good people like Erricto, CodeNCode, Kartik Arora etc. (as far as CP is concerned)


Agree with you @shivanshj . But if you look at their subscribers, it is quite huge. Errichto has more than 200K subs, but these guys are having 300K subs. They should not be manipulating their audience.

They are getting hugely criticized for misinformation on linkedin as well as codeforces for their insane act of manipulation.

These youtubers are just preying on the FAANG craze amongst students in India. It`s really very unfortunate what they are resorting to, only to earn money. The day our society stops treating IITians and FAANG employees as Gods, these people will also lose their importance.


Agree with the Point.

I wonder how these people got so many subscribers in the first place… Like Gennady, Errichto, Radewhoosh all have their channels where they post great CP related content but instead of following them , students follow these Amazon, Microsoft dropouts lol…

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In India Tag is very important, If I said do this you will improve or practice from here no one will listen (just bcz company tag ) , but if someone who is in #big_company said then all the users be like "yrr ye kitna sahi bolte hai " , sad reality :slightly_frowning_face: