Lowes India Hiring Codeathon

will you plz share your naive approach of first problem

Use TRIE the question would be solved.
Can someone send code for break the node.

@son_of_vvn yes did anyone get any mail regarding interview or something like an update from them

no i didnt receive anything as of now

@son_of_vvn ok
May be they haven’t released

yeah maybe
Also Did you attend for the role of Data Analyst

Yes bro
What about you…?

It was the easiest of all i am sure that 75% of them would have scored perfect score in that mcq test
How do you think that they will select people for interview.

Oh actually Iam looking for answers lol
I am not sure about my answers…if you don’t mind can keep all the answers of those Ques.

yeah i do have all questions and answers of the mcq round

Cool…can you send me…?

ok sure
can you share your mail id?


My mail id bro : saiharshatamada@gmail.com
Pls share asap

Hi … can you/anyone else please explain your code dp[R] = min(dp[R], R - L + 1 + x) , can you explain what x is doing ?
Thanks in advance.

any updates about the interview round dates?

I did not receive any mail from them

The current team can construct the bridge upto R, in order to find the minimum value for that we need the minimum cost of constructing the bridge up to any of the sections from L - 1 to R - 1, which is x.

I am sorry if I am missing something , but how do we know that all sections form 1 to R are covered ? I mean what about the -1 case ? where it is not possible to cover the whole bridge ?

Instead of -1 we are denoting the impossible case by +ve infinity.

@karan_221 can you tell me why the recursion with memo is giving the memory limit exceeded? further, I also tried with bottom up dp still giving the same