Lowes India Hiring Codeathon

Any idea when the results will be announced?

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I think the results were announced just a few minutes back.

I have got a question guys!

The mail doesn’t state any reference about what is the Start Date, Time and End Date, Time, how ever mail contains link to attempt the test.

So before what date should we go for it?

Also, what was your score for which you have qualified?

mine was 150, what was yours?

I received 2 emails one for Associate software Engineer (test time - 19 Jun 6 AM onwards), another is for (Associate Analyst (test time - 20 Jun 6 AM onwards). My score was around 150. :slightly_smiling_face:

How can i check my score…?

How can i check my score…? Plz tell me

Does anyone know when will they announce the results of the 2nd round?

what was your score in 2nd round?

Since the test has ended, can someone with a full score in the Bridge problem share his approach?

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u can use dp+lazy segment tree or dp +multiset to solve the problem dp[i] denotes the minimum cost till i index… in this way we can get 100 points…


Let dp[i] be the minimum score to construct the bridge completely up to ith section.
Initially dp[0] = 0 and dp[1 … n] = inf. Then process each team in sorted order.
If the current team can work on sections [L, R] then we can modify dp[R] in the following way:
dp[R] = min(dp[R], R - L + 1 + x)
where x = minimum value of dp[k] for L - 1 <= k < R
Naively x can be calculated in O(n) and in O(log n) using a segment tree.
Total complexity O(n log n) can pass the test cases.
The answer will be dp[n].


eeh…, now it is more clear, thanks @karan_221 and @spyder101


Can you tell me how to solve the first problem, ‘Yet another subset problem’?


@mkitkat @spyder101 @karan_221
What were your scores?
I wrote naive solutions to both problems and passed 1/2 testcases in both

hey how u get to know about openings i.e when to apply, i always miss these oppurtunities

how many solved both questions fully ?

shouldn’t it’s complexity be O(mlogn) as there are m ranges ?

Please share the code for Name Game problem.

Apparently there also exist an elegant priority queue solution. I don’t know much about it.

@spyder101 Did you receive any mail regarding the interview process. Or did anyone got mail that they have been qualified.