LTIME107D LTIME Wrongfully Plagiarized

LTIME the easiest problem for for LTIME107D and they sent me email for plagiarism.
I am a beginner and simply wrote the easiest code for the easiest problem. What do I do to make them reconsider calling me a cheater?

Hi @lakshay_chauha :wave:

I can understand your concern. If you feel you’ve been wrongfully plagiarised, please send an email to us at and mention your issue. The concerned team will look into it.

I did reply to the plagiarism mail I received. Yet to receive any response

Please wait for sometime.

Have you got any reply? I too got plag in the same problem. I never copy codes from others but I don’t know why did I got plag on my codes.

Yes, they cleared it. Sent sent me an email saying that they manually reviewed it and found that it was a case of false positives and cleared me.

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