LTIME18 Poor participation

Compared to all the other LTIME contests, LTIME18 had very poor participation(lowest, maybe?).

Is there any reason? Would this LTIME be unrated because of this?

Semester is here.

semester just ended.

Tricky Questions…

Just see the accuracy…

For me personally, I already did the COCI earlier in the day, so I was too tired to participate.

I am a Top 1% ranker in another site.
I have tried earlier here as well earlier.
I could not do even one problem.
Problem description is highly confusing.
Besides i have no idea where i am failing.
So only those who have earlier successful experience can attempt fast and right but
not someone newcomer like me. However reading solution i can see that they were
not all that complicated.
And its a pity that member interest are failing for an otherwise highly interesting

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tricky questions…

Semester exams going on and some travelling home (like me).

Thats True, I was unable to find the approach to solve any questions…

> top 1% ranker

It seems you just found out how wide the world is…