Lunchtime November feedback

Highly unbalanced contest. Seems like the initiative to bring 300iq to setting panel is not a great move as everybody thought.

Seemed like all problems after 1st/2nd problem(div2) were only made for Grandmasters.

After 1st problem in division-1,the next problem only had like 15-20 AC submissions. And all of them were either LGM or IGM on codeforces.

Why such a high difficulty gradient?


Share your views.


the last one was easy.

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Looks like Codeforces Div 1. Reaching Division 1 in Codechef is easy as compared to Codeforces.

Division 2 was fine when compared to Codeforces Div2 having 5 problems.

first and third were interesting and others were subtask-able

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You literally made a fake account just to post this :rofl::rofl:

Last 2 div2 problems had beautiful subtasks.This is praiseworthy.