Lunchtime Ranking System

I have a doubt regarding how participants are ranked in lunchtime.
Suppose i have partially solved a question in just 2 mins and submit the fullly corrrect solution(100 points)of that question in 10 mins.
Now to break the tie between all participants who scored 100 points, will the time of my partially correct solution(2 mins) be considered or fully correct solution(10 mins)?

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In Lunchtime the person who takes less time to get the particular score will be at better rank.

If you scored 100 points in 10 mins and the other scored 100 points in 9 mins, Then he would be at better rank than you


The final score reflected on the leader board is the sum of scores obtained for each problem by you. And the score obtained in each problem is the highest score you have solved to. The tie breaker is the sum of amount of time you take for each problem to solve for its highest score you obtained for the first time. Since there is not penalty for wrong submission in Lunchtime, the time taken is simply the sum of time taken to solve individual problems.
Participants who got same score will be ranked based on total time. Participant who solved earliest will be ranked below and better.

you are wrong this is the scoring system for cook off, go and check lunchtime page for it’s scoring system.

I was correct.
Here is the link to official codechef’s page that explains Ranking mechanisms.
And I explained the same very detailed. Please check before you comment “You are wrong”.

@vaibhavv1032, hope I answered your question. If yes, please respond so that I can avoid mediators in the conversation.

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kindly bother to show where it is written ?

LOL…I don’t know what enjoyment you are getting by contradicting yourself :rofl:
Looks like you are not aware of the fact that Lunchtime is based on IOI format :sweat_smile:
Total time is not the sum of individual times at which problem was solved. It is the time at which last problem was solved.
I hope you’ll respond if you have any arguments left by any chance otherwise I assume you accepted you were “Wrong”