Machine learning or full stack?

acording to you which one is better and having more opertunities?
plzz sugest

It’s CP site, but I will say you must explore both the fields, and find interest according to your choice, imo ML will be future :slight_smile:

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hey buddy !
for the campus placements point of view , Full stack and machine learning both are important and in fact full stack is more because you are supposed to know about back end tech stack.
and i don’t know why , but there are not so much ML jobs (approx NULL) . in Fact approx 60-70% Graduates gets the full-stack jobs every year .
and if you make your career in ML & AI then learn all the basics and algorithms as there are some subjects also present in the B-Tech curriculum.
And try to build projects that involves both the field .
And do coding all day because it is very important.
Happy Coding :slight_smile:


Wrong place to ask this advice.

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If you are considering placement opportunities, it’s best to focus on data structures and algorithms and competitive programming. For projects, ML is a specialized field. If you are a bachelor degree student, then all you can do in ML is learn how to import libraries in python and keep checking accuracy on dataset by hit and trial. So companies that hire on ML profile generally look for people who have masters degree or PhD in this field. On the other hand, full stack web dev work is not a specialized field and companies actually hire bachelor degree students for that work. So maybe (and it’s just my opinion) full stack is better option than ML.